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Private Evaluation               
At Beyond Pet Sitting we evaluate dogs in their natural home environment.  This gives us a better assessment of your dog's temperament.  At the evaluation we recommend a training package based on this and what you want to accomplish with your dog. With all training packages you will learn how to become your dog's pack leader.  When you sign up for a training package the evaluation fee is deducted from the total cost. 
Puppy Programs
These programs will help you and your puppy be set on the road to success.  We believe many issues adult dogs have are a result of improper training during the first few months of  his/her life.  Depending on the package chosen we address issues ranging from housebreaking to playbiting and aggression. 
Real Life Training Program
This program teaches you the basic commands every dog should know and how to utilize them in every day situations.  We offer a common sense approach to practical real life training for your dog through voice control.  
Separation Anxiety Program
Having a dog with separation anxiety could result in damage to your home or injury to the pet.  Many pet owners think their dog is simply a barker, destructive, not housebroken, or spiteful.  However, these could be symptoms of anxiety which requires a different training approach.
Aggression Programs
We have come to believe that most aggression can be safely corrected.  A Certified Master Dog Trainer with years of experience working with pets in homes and shelters can teach you how to interact with your pet so they become trustworthy.